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For over twenty-two years, QMI Durango has provided excellent quality janitorial services, using energy-saving cleaning equipment and LEED Certified eco-friendly cleaning products.

Commercial Cleaning 

QMI  specializes in cleaning large commercial buildings, refineries, and factories in the Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico Regions.

Special training is often required in order to remove dirt and chemical residue that can be found in industrial buldings or manufacturing companies.  QMI Durango Janitorial understands best cleaning practices for company and industry and applies them specifically to each location.

Every cleaning opportunity is different and requires unique strategies for an effective clean.  Whether it is carefully polishing wood flooring to a natural shine or stripping, waxing, and burnishing a VCT floor to a luminous finish, QMI Durango Janitorial is up to the challenge.  Our certified floor cleaning experts can bring even the dullest looking floors back to their original beauty.

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QMI Durango
Cleaning Certifications

QMI Durango Janitorial Services is a proud member of several cleaning organizations and we possess numerous certifications in various cleaning disciplines related to the janitorial industry. 

We belong to ISSA, the International Sanitary Supply Association (www.issa.com) and every year we attend the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association Conference where we receive training in regards to new products, equipment, and techniques that can reduce cleaning time and eliminate product waste. 

QMI is also Green Clean Institute Certified. GCI is one of the oldest and most prestigious cleaning certifications, requiring regular courses in order to stay current.  We are also IICRC Certified.  The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration is a non-profit certifying body that offers training in flooring inspection, floor covering and the cleaning of specialized fabrics. The IICRC represents more than 3,500 certified firms and more than 33,000 certified technicians in over 30 countries. They set the standard for inspection, cleaning and in disaster restoration and we are pleased to be a part of their certified group.

Carpet Cleaning for Your Business or Manufacturing Facility.

QMI Janitorial services can help to keep your building's carpets smelling fresh and free of ugly spils and stains.  Our certified carpet cleaning technicians know the right machinery and techniques to use in removing stubborn stains and dirt.  Once your carpet is clean, QMI will maintain it and care for it, keepint it trouble free.

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Standard industrial cleaning products and sanitizers can become a health hazard to those doing the cleaning as well as the employees who work in the building. Certain products can cause eye irritation, and breathing difficulties over time, and even irreversible damage to the eyes or lungs.

QMI has diligently worked to seek out safe and effective eco-friendly cleaning products that not only clean and sanitize, but are healthier for our employees to use and for those who work in the building on the day-to-day.  Check out our Corporate Website at www.qmigreen.com  

We have carefully researched ways to eliminate paper waste through the use of microfiber cloths, as well as refillable spray bottles instead of aerosol cans. Double bucket cleaning systems not only save water, but also reduce the potential of injuries to workers by spreading the weight of the water over two buckets. HEPA filtered vacuums reduce the spread of dust that can release allergens into the air.

QMI can provide recycled paper products for restrooms as well, which adds to keeping a sustainable environment.  The green and sustainable cleaning products we use are LEED Certified and have been awarded the Champion award for their development of safer cleaning detergents. Besides being the best available cleaning products on the market, they are also some of the most economical, which up until recently has been a concern in using green cleaning products.   For more information about our products visit our corporate website at www.qmigreen.com

Eco Concepts Products

QMI Durango Janitorial is proud to display the Eco Concepts┬« label.  We are an Eco Concepts Distributor and use these products in our work whenever possible. 


Not only do we research our products and equipment, we test them ourselves.   Our Powr-Flite cleaning machines are effective and energy-efficient.  

QMI Durango Janitorial Proposals

Need a formal proposal for Janitorial Work?

No problem. QMI Durango has been working with professional businesses for over twenty years.  Let us know your required  format and we will make sure to comply when we send you our quote.   We are fully insured, and have references available.  It is our pleasure to serve you.  Just give us a call and we'll schedule a walk-through.  (970) 385-7676

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Didn't Pass Inspection? QMI Can Help.

Sometimes it is impossible for your regular maintenance employees to get to every part of your building that needs cleaning.  Perhaps a few people are on vacation or are out on extended leave.  Give us a call before your inspection.  We'll get those "hard to find time to get to" spots and will have them clean and ready so that your inspection receives a perfect score. 


Need a space sterilized?  Our Vaporlux machine uses steam action and can kill disease causing germs.   Work shower areas or areas under work sinks can gather mold and mildew which can be remediated easily with this powerful technology.  Call us today for more information: (970) 385-7676.