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Eco Concepts Green Cleaning Products

Why Use Green Cleaning Products?

Standard industrial cleaning products and sanitizers can become a health hazard to those doing the cleaning as well as the employees who work in the building.  Certain products can cause eye irritation and breathing difficulties over time, and even irreversible damage to the eyes or lungs.

QMI has diligently worked to seek out safe and effective eco-friendly cleaning products that not only clean and sanitize, but are healthier for our employees to use and for those who work in the building o the day-to day.  

We have carefully researched ways to eliminate paper waste through the use of microfiber clothes as well as refillable spray bottles instead of aerosol cans.  Double bucket cleaning systems not only save water, but also reduce the potential of injuries to workers by spreading the weight of the water over two buckets. 

QMI Durango Janitorial is a proud distributor of Eco Concepts Products and we are pleased to use them in our janitorial work.  These products are safe and effective to use and the pricing is comparable to other industrial cleaning products.  At QMI, we know which product is the right one for the job.  It is important to use commercial-level products because they are formulated to effectively clean the dirt and grime that occurs on the facility level.  Our cleaning products are targeted for the toughest of cleaning jobs.  Whether it is floor cleaning, de-greasing, sanitizing or air freshening, we have the right product to use in order to keep your facility looking its best.