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Floor Cleaning for Commercial, Industrial, Office and Educational Buildings

Regular floor cleaning is necessary for any building that experiences daily foot traffic.  Whether your floor is hardwood, laminate, VCT, ceramic tile, or cement, the fact remains that lack of cleaning will cause your building to show poorly and can be a health hazard.

Floor Cleaning is one of QMI Durango's specialties.  We use eco-friendly cleaning products that make spills and stains disappear.  Older tile flooring may need quarterly strip and wax to protect the floor as well as maintain the shine.  Some flooring requires special care and has specific instructions on exactly how it is to be cleaned.  Just send us your floor specs and we'll make sure to clean it correctly.

Our employees receive training on how to use the latest floor cleaning technologies in order to obtain the best result.  We are happy to do a floor inspection for you in order to give you a proper quote.  Simply contact us and we'll schedule a date.  

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