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Specializing in Quality Commercial Cleaning for Industrial, Manufacturing, and  Professional Buildings
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Cleaning for Manufacturing Companies

QMI Durango Janitorial Specializes in Heavy Duty Cleaning 
Oil Refineries
Industrial Buildings
Technology Sites
Chemical Laboratories
Manufacturing Facilities
Mining Companies
Large Automobile Garages
Airplane Hangers

and other types of Commercial Buildings where dirt and grime exist.

Commercial cleaning is very different than cleaning for residential living spaces.  QMI Durango Janitorial will take time with you during the walk-through to assess the types of cleaning and products that are appropriate for your building.  We take pride in our ability to remove grease, oil, and stubborn dirt, leaving your facility ready for inspection.

Special services such as mold and mildew removal or the remediation of chemically-specific stains and spills are also available and regular maintenance will keep these areas clean.  QMI has a specialized machine that can kill mold without using harsh chemicals that could cause eye and lung irritation.  It is tested and proven and  this cleaning service is available upon request.  

At QMI, we do our very best to provide thorough cleaning solutions for your industrial buildings.  You'll notice the difference after just one cleaning appointment and the clean will continue throughout the contract.  We are happy to provide you with a proposal for services upon request.  Just send us your RFQ and we'll contact you to schedule a walk-through.

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