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Professional Janitorial Cleaning Equipment

QMI Durango uses only the best equipment for cleaning your facility.  Powr-Flite has some of the most effective cleaning machines on the market and we will carefully select the right machine to clean your facility

Backpack and Standard Vacuums, 

Floor Scrubbers


We have the best equipment available, operated by trained technicians.

Mold Remediation and Germ Killing 

Our Vaporlux machine actually kills mold and mildew in commercial and industrial applications, and has been tested for effectiveness.  It is important to get rid of mold and mildew before it grows and becomes a problem.  Spores from mold can cause hay fever-like allergies that include runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, itching, congestion and coughing.    Some doctors believe mold spores can contribute to asthma symptoms as well.  Warm and moist environments such as sink areas or hot water heaters or other water-use machinery can contribute to mold and mildew growth.  The smell is unpleasant and can become quite strong in an area that is not well ventilated.

The Vaporlux 5000 machine that QMI Durango Janitorial uses works through the heating of potable water in a stainless steel boiler, that causes vapor to occur.   The steam from the vapor kills bacteria when the steam is released and harmful bacteria and other pathogens are killed.  The surface is then clean.  This is very different than using a bleach or peroxide solution and the result of cleaning with Vaporlux is superior.  The Vaporlux 5000 is just one of our powerful cleaning machines.  Whatever the problem, QMI Durango Janitorial Service has the solution for a higher level of clean.

If  there are areas in your building where water collects and stands or organic matter accumulates, creating mold and mildew, or if there is another cleaning issue that requires attention, simply  contact us and we will do a walk-through of the area to determine the best cleaning treatment.   We're here to help you keep your building spotless and safe for its occupants.  The initial walk-through is free.