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Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

A clean office encourages health and productivity.  It doesn't take long for dust and dirt to accumulate at entry ways, and on horizontal surfaces.   Windows get smudged and no matter how much you remind your staff to keep their works paces neat, sometimes it just doesn't happen.  

In the Spring season, dust and pollen can blow in through open doorways, making a sticky mess when trampled upon.  Rain or a late snow can leave hallway floors slick and a safety hazard.

QMI can take the burden of keeping a spotless office off of your employees, leaving them to do their regularly assigned work.  Besides cleaning the obvious areas like floors, restrooms, and break areas, we also keep an eye on the little things like getting crumbs off keyboards and safely wiping down computer screens.   Our eco-friendly cleaning products will not only help your office to sparkle, but are safe for humans and the environment.

Whether you decide upon daily cleaning or weekly maintenance, we are ready to take on the job.  Carpet cleaning and/or strip and wax for VCT flooring is recommended twice a year to keep your office floors looking their best.  

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