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Strip and Wax 

Linoleum and vinyl composition tile (VCT) flooring is commonly found in commercial, industrial or educational settings.  These floors are tough and sturdy and were made to handle heavy foot traffic.  With the appropriate care, VCT or linoleum floors will continue to look new  year after year.

A thorough sweeping and daily damp mopping can eliminate light soiling from floors, however, over time, the floors can lose their shine and can begin to look dull.  The dullness can be seen in the sections of the floor that receive the most wear.  That is why you'll often see dull flooring with shiny sides near the walls.  

A strip and wax process is recommended at least once a quarter for heavily trafficked floors, and a minimum of twice a year for floors that receive less use.  A wax stripper is a special detergent composition that removes the old wax from the floor.   There are two types of wax for flooring.  One is a natural wax and the other is synthetic.  Both are effective.  Waxing helps to prevent black marks and scuffs from damaging the floor.  It also makes it slip resistant.  Some floors will require a top coat, to further protect the finish and maintain the shine.

QMI Durango specializes in strip and wax and can help to make your flooring look clean and new.   Contact us today for a walk-through.